Friday, September 27, 2013

Meet the Teacher and Ice Cream Social

Ice cream social 

Thanks everyone: We came, we saw, we ate ice cream (with sprinkles and whipped cream) - and most importantly the parents got to meet the Teachers and see their children's classrooms and projects.  And we were lucky with the weather.

Meeting the Teachers

School has been 'in' for about a month now, so the children at Wichita Montessori have started to settle into a routine.

Parents got to see where children sit and work and to admire some of the lovely art projects that they have created, from teepees (made from crinkled up Dillon's paper bags) in 4th grade, to All About Me posters in 1st grade.  We'll publish another blog post on some of the art projects very soon.

Painless Fundraising - and it is painless - really!

Thanks also to everyone who purchased Dillon's gift cards - they are part of the Parents Group's  painless fundraising efforts.  So far this semester we have received about $277 in painless fundraising from Dillon's cards by parents  who shop for groceries and gas.

You can buy cards from the Parents Group for $5.  The card comes  already charged with the $5 purchase price. You can then add your own amount to the card before shopping (either in the check-out line, or at Customer Service).  To purchase a card, please contact our President, Julie Severs.

Remember to use your card - and the rest is painless!

Wichita Montessori School t-shirts

We were also sizing everyone up for Wichita Montessori school t-shirts.  Going for something different this year, our new shirts will be printed on a fabulous kiwi green color.

The Homecoming parade with The Independent School is on Oct 11th 2013 - so the shirts will be ready to wear then and we know the children are going to look great!  We also hope that students will wear their WMS t-shirt on Fridays, to add a bit of spirit!  Parent's Group is helping out with the cost of the t-shirts.

Thank you!

Thanks to everyone who helped set up for ice-cream night, and for Mrs. Saunders and
Mrs. Amos for being trusty servers and scoopers.

All the children seemed to enjoy it - not just the ice-cream but the chance to show their parents how proud they are of their achievements in Wichita Montessori School so far.

More next week.

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