Friday, September 13, 2013

Blogging about the Wichita Montessori School

It was a time for spreading our wings and seeing 
where this new adventure would take us.

Blogging, how did I get into this online-communication world?
Now I am writing about the Wichita Montessori School, of which I
am a part. This being my first blog ever, my mind is flooded with
topics. Which direction do I go, how long should it be, what are the
most important issues to address? As I evaluate my direction, my
mind wanders to the past months.

Over the summer my husband and I took our first cruise; each day
was filled with memorable opportunities. On the cruise ship we
experienced peacefulness, the communities exhibited grace and
courtesy to others, people handled freedom and responsibilities,
there was excitement, opportunities to explore and learn about new
areas and regions, positive energy, and of course the prepared
environment was beyond description! On an excursion we
snorkeled the Barrier Reef. Even though it was difficult swimming
for an hour, it was well worth the hard work. We pushed ourselves
to a new level, and it was very rewarding.

At another stop we swam with the dolphins, which was a time
where we felt one with nature. We were part of the underwater
world—not more important—but part of the whole. The
opportunities on the cruise were all around, some things we were
expected to do, some were left to our own choosing. It was a time
for spreading our wings and seeing where this new adventure
would take us!

The cruise was a delightful journey, and I couldn’t help but think
that the characteristics I observed parallel with what I encounter at
Wichita Montessori School every day:
  • communities exhibiting grace and courtesy
  • freedom with responsibility
  • opportunities to explore
  • problem solving
  • collaboration
  • learning experientially about new areas, regions, and personal interactions
  • prepared environment
  • respect for one another

No, we don’t go snorkeling, swim with dolphins, and are not
located on an extravagant ship. Nevertheless, each day is unique,
filled with opportunities where we learn and grow together.
Wichita Montessori School is truly a place where learning comes
to life; a place of discovery where children can indulge their need
to explore and learn.

Well, my first blog is completed! Yes, I have left my cruise ship
behind, but continue to love my exciting experiences and journey
at our Wichita Montessori School. Follow our blog and keep up
with our adventures.

Linda J. Amos
Head of School
Wichita Montessori School (WMS)

For over twenty-five years WMS has been a highly respected
school in the Wichita community grounded in the Montessori
philosophy and enhanced by other proven education practices of
the 21st century. As Head of WMS, a private school for preschool
age through 5th grade, I am privileged to be a part of amazing
adventures! We are located in east Wichita on The Independent
School campus. Please visit our website,

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